‘Novak Djokovic would feel the weight of expectations even without…’, says Top 10

Novak Djokovic’s presence at the 2022 Australian Open is increasingly uncertain. “On the issue of vaccination, we have decided to take the hard and consistent line of the state. The virus doesn’t care what your classic tennis game is or how many Grand Slams you’ve won. It is completely irrelevant. You must be vaccinated to protect yourself and others”. With these words, the Prime Minister of the Australian state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has announced that there will be no exemptions for unvaccinated athletes for the next edition of the Australian Open. Djokovic, on his part, has made it known that he has no intention of revealing his personal choices and that he does not know if he will play the Grand Slam that he has seen him dominate in recent years. Filip Krajinovic, who has completed his vaccination cycle, has raised another big question. In fact, the Serb has explained that he has no desire to go to Melbourne and then respect a long and rigid quarantine. “They are very strict there and honestly, if I have to quarantine myself for fourteen days after arriving in Melbourne, I will not go to Australia,” Krajinovic said in an interview with Sport Blic. “I’ve been vaccinated, I’ve done everything I can to protect myself and the people around me, so I don’t see any reason to sit there for fourteen days in a room. If they say that after I arrive I have to stay, say, five days in solitary confinement, that’s fine with me, but anything beyond that is unacceptable to me.”

Berrettini pays tribute to Djokovic

During a recent interview with Gio Journal, Matteo Berrettini lavished praise on Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev. The Italian described Djokovic as the best mover on tour and highlighted the effort it takes to win a point against the Serb as well as Medvedev. “I would say either Novak or Daniil Medvedev (are like a backboard),” Matteo Berrettini said. “It always takes something extra to win a point against those two. The ball keeps coming back from all corners of the court.” Berrettini was then asked to comment on tennis commentators and the media putting undue pressure on top players such as Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, causing them to succumb after a certain point. “Even without the media, players would still feel the pressure,” continued the Italian. “They have trained their whole lives to win trophies, achieve personal goals, and break and set incredible records when it comes to Serena and Novak. So they also put pressure on themselves. They know how significant their achievements are and potentially how important they could be to whatever they are trying to achieve.”