‘Novak Djokovic will make this the most painful physical experience…’, says legend

Jenson Brooksby could not star in the great historic hit of the US Open. The player from the qualifying phase made everyone present at the Arthur Ashe Stadium dream of victory, but the illusion disappeared the moment the best on the planet so decided. Novak Djokovic struggled more than necessary to win in four sets with partials of 1-6, 6-3, 6-2 and 6-2 to the home player, who at just 20 years old left a pleasant impression in his commitment to the eighth of final. It took three hours for the world number one to meet the goal, and he is only three steps away from the feat. The perfect Grand Slam is getting closer and closer. Despite the result, in the end Djokovic cannot go with the best feelings. Brooksby played a set and a half at a very high level, but it was impossible to maintain that inertia. Beyond the great work of the North American, 99 in the ATP ranking, who seemed like a wall returning every shot, the Serbian was unrecognizable with a large number of unforced errors. In the game he conceded 41, numbers that are nowhere near his averages. But beating Djokovic in a five-set match seems like a utopia. And he proved it again. From the middle of the second episode, the party was totally inclined in favor of the favorite. There he was already seen as the imposing Novak who accumulates 25 wins in a row within the Grand Slams. “The fans gave us a lot of energy and motivation, I enjoyed playing in front of a packed stadium. Brooksby is very young and talented, he has a bright future,” said the world’s number one at a press conference.

Djokovic kept his calendar-year Grand Slam run alive

The 2003 US Open champion Andy Roddick is currently a Tennis Channel expert and one of the advocates of Novak Djokovic. Although he did appreciate Brooksby’s tennis, he knew what was about to unleash after the opening set. “I promise you one thing. As we get into this, Novak will make this the most painful physical experience this kid has ever seen. Hour and a half in, and some serious body blows thrown. We know Novak can handle it,” Roddick tweeted. As Roddick predicted, Djokovic steadily took over the Brooksby fever and stepped closer to the quarterfinals. Most significantly, he completely subdued the competeting passion inside the young American. “First he takes your legs, then he takes your soul,” Roddick tweeted later. Afterwards, he praised how the 34-year-old has transformed his physicality over the years. “An hour ago. We’ve seen this before, Novak’s fitness used to be a weakness. One of the best examples in sports history of turning a negative into a positive. He’s a beast,” the American wrote.