Novak Djokovic to open courts at Archeological Park, play exhibition after Wimbledon

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic will reportedly head straight to the Archeological Park in Bosnia after Wimbledon and play an exhibition match there on July 13. 

Djokovic has been frequently visiting the Archeological Park in Bosnia since 2020 and The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun founder Semir Osmanagic recently decided to add two tennis courts to the Archeological Park’s complex. 

One of the reasons why Osmanagic wanted to add tennis courts to the Archeological Park complex was because he wanted to give Djokovic a chance to prepare for tournaments during his visits. 

A special ceremony is planned for July 13 as Djokovic will cut the ribbon and play an exhibition match.

“The courts will be opened in a special ceremony on July 13, and we expect that the best tennis player of all time, who has spent 373 weeks on the tennis throne, Novak Djokovic, will also be a man who will cut the ribbon and play two exhibition matches;” Osmanagic told Bosnian daily Avaz.

Djokovic to open the courts at the Archeological Park 

Several well-known players come from the Balkans and Osmanagic’s goal is to organize the Pyramids Cup regularly from 2023 onward. 

Besides Djokovic, Osmanagic would like to bring in Marin Cilic, Borna Coric and Damir Dzumhur. 

“From 2023, we want to be the organizers of the Pyramids Cup, which would bring together four of the best tennis players from the region. We hope there would play Marin Cilic, who was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, maybe Borna Coric, Damir Dumhur, if his schedule allows him maybe even Djokovic. The tournament would be played immediately after Wimbledon,” Osmanagic revealed.

Earlier this year, Osmanagic strongly defended Djokovic during the Australia visa debacle. 

Back then, Osmanagic stated that Djokovic lives by the true life values and called him a symbol of freedom. 

Djokovic and Osmanagic have a good relationship as the Serb loves visiting the Archeological Park because he feels it’s a perfect place for him to recharge betteries.