Novak Djokovic rips media: It’s always my injuries that get questioned

Novak Djokovic says he finds it interesting that some media members always question the legitimacy of his injury but never do that when some other players claim to have an injury.

Djokovic, 35, suffered a hamstring injury in Adelaide.

Still, Djokovic was able to win Adelaide and progress into the Australian Open quarterfinal.

Since suffering a hamstring injury in the Adelaide semifinal, Djokovic’s left leg has been heavily strapped.

However, some are going as far as suggesting that Djokovic is faking an injury. 

Djokovic: Only my questions are questioned

“I leave the doubting to those people – let them doubt. Only my injuries are questioned. When some other players are injured, then they are the victims, but when it is me, I am faking it. It is very interesting. I don’t feel that I need to prove anything to anyone. I have got the MRI, ultrasound and everything else, both from two years ago and now. Whether I will publish that in my documentary or on the social media, depends on how I feel. Maybe I will do I it, maybe I won’t. I am not really interested at this point what people are thinking and saying. It is fun, it is interesting to see how the narrative surrounding me continues, narrative that is different compared to other players that have been going through similar situation. But I am used to it, and it just gives me extra strength and motivation. So I thank them for that,” Djokovic said in Serbia, according to Serbian journalist Sasa Ozmo of Tennis Majors. 

Meanwhile, Djokovic ousted Alex de Minaur with just five lost games to progress into the Australian Open quarterfinal.

After beating de Minaur, Djokovic said it was the first match in which he didn’t feel any pain.

Also, Djokovic noted that just because he didn’t feel any pain against de Minaur that that won’t happen in the rest of the tournament.

Djokovic plays Andrey Rublev next.