Novak Djokovic on how he wants to be remembered: By my personal traits, virtues

Novak Djokovic admits he would like to be remembered by his personal traits and as an example that everything can be achieved with hard work and effort.

Djokovic, 35, is a 21-time Grand Slam champion and widely regarded as one of the greatest tennis players ever.

But growing up, Djokovic didn’t really come from a rich family and his father always had to figure out how to get money so his son would be able to travel to junior tournaments. 

Now, Djokovic is an all-time great in tennis and all of his effort and hard work have paid off. 

In an interview with Sasa Ozmo of Tennis Majors, Djokovic was asked how he would like to be remembered.

Djokovic: I hope I spread positive energy towards sports fans 

“By my personal traits, hopefully more by my virtues than my flaws, which I have, just like any other human being. I try to live my life to the fullest and to remain aware of the fact that there are many people who were not as lucky as me. The way I grew up helped me preserve that awareness, I always try to remind myself where I came from. Everything in life that I now have was not given to me, I had to earn it, together with the people around me who have helped me to live my dream and continue to do so. I hope that I spread positive energy towards sports fans throughout the world – I would love for people to feel nice when they come to see me play and that they remember me as someone who cares about others. Of course, by my achievements in tennis too, which I hope there are more to come,” Djokovic told Tennis Majors.

Meanwhile, Djokovic is preparing to kick off his Australian Open campaign. 

In his opener at Melbourne Park, Djokovic plays Roberto Carballes Baena. 

Djokovic is the top favorite to win a record 10th Australian Open title this January.