Novak Djokovic: ‘Nothing worked out’

The world of tennis has undergone a great change in recent months. The last two decades have seen the absolute dominance of the Big Three, such as Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic. All three have changed the history of the sport and have won an impressive 63 Slam titles. However, in recent months there has been a sudden change and the dynamic at the top of world tennis has changed. Roger Federer played the last match of his career last week, Rafael Nadal is not without physical problems and Novak Djokovic has been held back for reasons other than tennis. The Serbian refused to be vaccinated against Covid 19 and this choice cost him participation in the Australian Open and the United States Open 2022. In this last tournament, we witnessed the triumph of the young talent from Murcia, Carlos Alcaraz. The 19-year-old triumphed at the US Open and became the youngest number one in history. This success has been a big change and the Slovakian tennis player Alex Molcan is also convinced of it. Slovakian tennis player Alex Molcan spoke about his ambitions. Molcan currently has the help of Marian Vajda, a coach who knows the recent tennis champions quite well. The manager was previously the coach of former world number one Novak Djokovic and now assists Molcan. Alex Molcan had this to say: “I feel like things are changing because Novak Djokovic hasn’t played a few tournaments this season.”

Nole will play the Astana Open

In Israel where he won his 89th singles title, Novak Djokovic should also have teamed up with local Jonathan Erlich, the only player with whom he won a doubles title during his career (at Queen’s, in 2010). Erlich was due to play the last tournament of his career with the Serbian legend at the age of 45, but he had to withdraw due to physical problems. In a press conference, Nole explains that he was very touched by the despair of his partner. A new moment of emotion a week after the overwhelming farewell of his rival, Roger Federer. “I had a lot of great moments this week, of course one of them is winning the title, it was a really fun tournament. Playing the other day with kids was also wonderful, I always try to do that every time I go to tournaments and here in Israel it was no different, they were all very nice. And finally, I hold back Jonathan Erlich’s tears the week he retired, I saw him cry before his last practice because he knew he couldn’t play the next day, it hurt my heart. It was an extremely difficult time for him because all he wanted was to say goodbye by playing one last game, even if it was only a few games, but nothing worked out. It was a sad but very moving moment, we both have a very good relationship and we shared a lot of moments during this week”.