Novak Djokovic is isolated and guarded by police at the Melbourne airport!

Novak Djokovic landed in Melbourne just before midnight local time but has remained at the airport ever since! According to Novak’s father, Srdjan, the 20-time Major champion has been kept in an isolated room guarded by two policemen, as the government still can not find a solution for his case. The nine-time Australian Open champion used an “exemption permission” to land in Australia without proof of vaccination, a move that caused a massive rage among the Aussies, who have mainly stayed locked in the past two years. While Djokovic completed a long Melbourne trip from Spain, he could not leave the airport with his team.

As soon as Novak landed in Melbourne, there was an issue with his visa that has remained unsolved until the early morning hours. Apparently, the type of visa Djokovic applied for does not authorize medical exemptions for being unvaccinated. Earlier during the night, Djokovic was in an airport room alongside border officials reviewing the facts supporting his vaccine exemption. The Australian Border Force attempted to resolve the issue by reaching out to Victoria’s authorities. However, their request declined, and Novak remained on no man’s land.

Novak Djokovic has spent the last four hours at the Melbourne airport.

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that ‘Djokovic will be on next plane home’ if he fails to prove his vaccine exemption. Earlier Wednesday, Tennis Australia confirmed that the bulk of the 26 exemption applications submitted came from players or officials who contracted the coronavirus within the past six months. However, the report says nothing about Novak. The Serb has won nine Australian Open titles in the past 14 years, standing as the most decorated player at the season’s opening Major and proving to be a player to beat Down Under for the last three years. 

“We will not be providing Novak Djokovic with individual visa application support to participate in the 2022 Australian Open. We have always been clear on two points: visa approvals are a matter for the Federal Government, and medical exemptions are for doctors. I want to make absolutely clear that as has been the case the whole time, no-one is or will be receiving special treatment because of who they are or what they have achieved professionally,” Jaala Pulford, the acting Victorian sports minister, said.