‘Novak Djokovic is able to change…’, says top coach

Tennis, meditation and now Capoeira. Novak Djokovic proves to be a versatile athlete, capable of trying all disciplines with the intention of discovering new sensations. Waiting to find out his future for the season on concrete ─ the surface on which he has started training ─ the Serbian champion published a video on social networks in which, among other things, he practices the famous Brazilian martial art of origin ancient (the first documents on the subject date back to 1624). In an unexpected but decidedly funny way comes the response to the post by Nick Kyrgios, Djokovic’s opponent in the Wimbledon final. “If you tell me this is what it takes to win a Slam, then I’m in trouble,” commented the Australian, with whom the Serb sympathetically claimed to have a “bromance” at the end of the match. Nick Kyrgios’ adventure at Wimbledon 2022 could be summed up with a saying but in reverse: “Bad luck in luck”. Precisely in the year in which the Australian was on the right track, winning a Slam in doubles and reaching the final in singles, the Championship was held but without awarding any points to the participants, which was detrimental ─ among others ─ to Kyrgios himself , which under normal conditions would today be in the Top-20. In fact, the 27-year-old from Canberra is currently ranked No. 60 in the world, which means there is a high probability that he will play the US Open as an unseeded player. Kyrgios himself, who, regardless of what happens, shows once again that he has a lot of confidence in his technical baggage, commented on the possibility: “My rivals know perfectly well that, whether I am seeded or not, everything depends on me when we compete. If I am confident and can play well, they don’t have much to do. I may be 60 in the world now, but I always feel like a Top 10 player.”

Goran Ivanisevic speaks about Djokovic

After revealing that Novak Djokovic could possibly play the US Open thanks to a special visa, his coach, Goran Ivanisevic, also spoke about the special relationship he has with his player in an interview with La Repubblica. And according to Goran, it’s not easy every day: “For example, in training, he can miss a shot and go completely crazy, he is able to change his mood at any time. It takes time and patience to find a balance. At first I was shy and didn’t know how to handle it. I realized that sometimes it was better to keep calm and not tell him. In our relationship, it helps that we speak the same language and have this Slavic culture. With all that, it’s an honor to be his coach.”