Novak Djokovic helps elderly person carry baggage in Paris

As he went for a run in a Parisian park, Novak Djokovic was spotted helping a person, seemingly elderly, to carry her baggage. The moment was captured and shared on social media.

“When Novak Djokovic helps an elderly person carry her suitcase,” the author of the video described the moment.

Betting expert considers Djokovic the favorite in Paris

Sports betting expert Pamela Maldonado has selected Novak Djokovic as the huge favorite to win the 2022 Paris Masters.

“Honestly, there is nobody. Why? Because I am interested in putting, if I am betting tennis, it’s because I am putting it on ‘a for sure thing’. And for me right now, that is, honestly, Novak Djokovic.

Think of the (ATP Paris Masters) – the most title, Djokovic; the most finals, Djokovic; the most consecutive titles, Djokovic! The most consecutive final, Djokovic. He has played, the most matches played in Paris belong to him.

The most matches won (is him). He owns Paris, this is another homecoming tournament for him, and if I want to make a futures wager, it’s going to be on Nole Djokovic,” she said.

Paris is the biggest challenge for Djokovic before AO

According to Patrick Mouratoglou, Djokovic has planned to play as many tournaments as possible before the Australian Open 2023, and Paris, as a Masters tournament, is the most important of them. 

Patrick Mouratoglou detailed Novak Djokovic’s prospects on Instagram, stating that the Serbian champion is already focusing on the 2023 Australian Open.

“Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal want to win the Grand Slam standings, there is no denying it. At this stage of his career, Nole aims to win as many Grand Slams as possible. His great goal is to overtake Rafa. the risk that he will not be able to play the Australian Open and the US Open even next year.

It would be a real disaster for him and for tennis in general,” said Mouratoglou. “It is no coincidence that Djokovic chose to play the Tel Aviv and Astana tournaments. To be competitive in the Grand Slams, he needs games.

He has played too few this year and it takes time to find the right rhythm. Its sights are already geared towards the Australian Open 2023. During the pre-season, you have 6-8 weeks straight in which you can train. However, when you don’t have a short-term goal, it is more difficult to find the reasons.”