‘No other player has Roger Federer’s package of pure elegance and…’, says analyst

More than a year they had to wait for fans to see Roger Federer in action. At the age of 40, the Swiss phenomenon has decided to return to the field with the intention of putting the icing on a career that has very few equals in the history of sport. The 20-time Grand Slam champion will use these months to regain confidence and automatisms, and then go on to the assault of the ninth title at Wimbledon and the gold medal in Tokyo. The new ranking system allowed King Roger to stay close to the top positions, but the big unknown is linked to his physical condition after such a long stop. This is a difficult challenge for the former world number 1, who has however once again shown his boundless love for this sport. In a recent interview with Sky Sports, former German player Patrik Kuhnen expressed his opinion on the Maestro’s return. On the other hand, admiring Federer again can only do well to alleviate the effects of these dark times.

Kuhnen on Roger Federer

“Roger Federer’s return is a blessing for the tour,” Patrik Kuhnen wrote. “No other player has this radiance for tennis, no other player enjoys this ‘almost divine’ status. All players and especially the young players like Jannik Sinner will be eager to be able to play against the maestro again.” Kuhnen went on to claim that Roger Federer’s combination of on-court magic and off-court friendliness sets him apart from everyone else on tour. “For me there is no bigger phenomenon in our sport than Roger Federer,” Kuhnen said. “No other player has this package of pure elegance and enormous power on the court and also this unique charm in dealing with the fans and the media. Federer simply inspires in all respects. Four years later, Roger Federer is about to make a comeback again,” Kuhnen continued. “This time he is 39 years old, he will be 40 this summer and this time he had to have two operations on his right knee. It is clear to me: when Federer comes back, he will be in top shape, pain-free and highly motivated to play for the title again.” Kuhnen revealed he was fascinated with how Federer reinvented his game in 2017, claiming it was something that had not been accomplished before by a player in their mid-30s. “Nobody had seen such a comeback coming at the age of 35 after a knee injury with a changed, perfectly polished tactic,” the German added.