Nick Kyrgios: ‘I have seen many people in the first row talking…’

In life everything that contributes new, genuine things is highly valued, something that goes beyond pure sport. Nick Kyrgios is a unique, unruly personality, someone who has failed to channel his charisma the right way on many occasions, but who seems to have found order in his own chaos. The Australian gave a very interesting press conference after beating Gianluca Mager in the second round of Wimbledon 2021, where he reflects on how much it has cost him to free himself from social standards and let his personality flow. He denounces that there are many players corseted by the summary judgment to which society subjects all those who do something new and leaves pearls to take into account when putting themselves in their place. Following his win against Gianluca Mager, Kyrgios hailed Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic as “tennis gods,” but insisted he had no aspirations to be like them and that he was content being a “normal” guy.

Nick Kyrgios on the Big 3

“We cannot all be gods like Federer, Nadal or Djokovic,” said Nick Kyrgios. “They are people who inspire millions of people around the world, but there must be guys that a lot of people can relate to, who attract a lot of fans. I’m Nick Kyrgios, a normal guy, and I’m happy to be who I am.” In 2014, a then-19-year-old Nick Kyrgios announced himself on the big stage by stunning Nadal in the fourth round at Wimbledon. The Australian was immediately touted by many as the next big thing in tennis. “I love to see that people come to my matches assuming who I am and knowing that they will be able to witness a show,” said Kyrgios. “I have seen many people in the first row talking to me at every point; they seemed like my coaches. It’s crazy, they even asked me about Tottenham Hotspur. I get the feeling that people are eager to have fun and are excited to see tennis again. When the Big 3 retires, we are going to need people like that, who make tennis a spectacle and allow people who are willing to pay a ticket to see them live,” said Kyrgios. “It is very good to have people like Rublev and Medvedev, but also you need another style of tennis player. An example is Auger-Aliassime. I think they have everything to have a large following, but they have to develop their charisma. The ATP must assume the role of promoting young people with a special personality and way of playing.”