Nick Kyrgios: “Coach? I don’t need anyone”

Nick Kyrgios, recent Wimbledon finalist, advanced smoothly by winning in two sets against host tennis player Tommy Paul.

Nick is not seeded but is regarded by all as one of the tournament favorites. Here are the words of him in the press conference after the victory: “It’s always fun to play against Tommy, I can find my best tennis when I play it.

We have faced each other in the past here and in Washington and I have always done well in service and response. If I had got points at Wimbledon now I wouldn’t have any kind of pressure to win games, I want to improve the ranking to the point of not having to play two games in a row to get to the third round of a 500, it would have been much better to have a Bye in the first round.

Maturity key? Being at peace with your life is something that helps, I am surrounded by fantastic things, I have a healthy and loving relationship with Costeen who always supports me. We have a lot of fun together. My manager is one of my best friends, we have the same goals and I am training hard with him.

It’s important to only think about tennis, if you look at the best tennis players in the world, they don’t think about anything other than playing.”

Nick Kyrgios: “Coach? I don’t need anyone”

Kyrgios then spoke of his relationship with the pits: “I don’t say anything to them, it’s important that they cheer for me. I find myself in a moment where every match is important, I have to earn points to improve in the standings. I haven’t really been doing anything to harm my performance lately, I’m a pro. Coach? Tactically when I play against my opponents I am always very warm.

I watch a lot of tennis and I know my opponents’ weaknesses well, but nobody knows my tennis as well as myself, I don’t need someone to tell me what to do. Maybe I just need a reinforcement on my staff, someone to give me some peace of mind. For me, tennis is all very simple, great serve and then I use my instinct later, that’s what works.”