Naomi Osaka: I was scared to come to pressroom after what happened at French Open

Former world No. 1 Naomi Osaka admitted she felt a bit scared to return to the pressroom following what happened at the French Open. 

Osaka refused to do press conferences at the French Open and pulled out of the event following her first round victory. 

Osaka didn’t want to do press conferences at the French Open due to her mental health well-being. 

“In the very beginning, like right after everything happened at Roland-Garros, I was really scared to come back in here because I didn’t know like what the energy was going to be like. But I feel like the people that know me get what I mean and I feel like we kind of established like a trust and kind of like a friendship-ish. I think that I’m just going to keep being myself, and you can interpret it how you want to. That’s kind of how it’s been working out for us this whole time,” Osaka said, per Tennis Majors.

Osaka set to start 2022 in Australia 

Osaka hasn’t played since the US Open but she is playing the Melbourne Summer Set and Australian Open. 

“I think the first few practices, they were for me really eye-opening because I kept telling myself I don’t have to practice if I don’t want to. I need to 100 percent be certain that this is what I want to do at this time, because if not, then it’s a waste of Yutaka’s time, my trainer, and Wim’s time, because they fly to me for us to be able to practice and they could be spending time with their family. It was kind of like I had to really tell myself to be committed in that moment. And I thought it was really like eye-opening. I felt like I have several goals that I want to accomplish this year, so I think maybe, maybe the off-season will pay off, but not so sure right now,” Osaka explained.