Naomi Osaka and mental health: “It was overwhelming”

The Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka talked about the mental health problems she lived during an interview for Sportkeeda’s microphones, recounting her vicissitudes.

She explained: “I think that all of us athletes must relate not only to the pressure of the outside world to achieve certain results but above all to the pressure we put on ourselves.

As an athlete, inner strength is the key and admitting that I haven’t always been well is an important step. I talked about it openly and realized that not just alone, admitting that I needed a break doesn’t mean I was weak. It takes more strength to speak than to keep quiet.”

The tennis player said talking about her condition: “Compared to last year it is much better, I’m not 100%, but I can express my feelings and all my sensations. Sometimes it’s hard, I remember that after Roland Garros 2021 journalists and photographers also followed me in supermarkets. It was strange and overwhelming.”

What happened

The former world number one has dropped in the world rankings and is currently at number 35 in the WTA rankings. Osaka has undoubtedly been one of the most successful tennis players of recent years. The Japanese champion has become a true icon in her country, she has won four Grand Slam titles and achieved many other successes.

However, Naomi has returned from a very complicated year, she has experienced major problems and has recently admitted that she has been constantly struggling with depression and anxiety. It all started a little over twelve months ago.

Naomi exploded against the media at Roland Garros and, as if to refuse to attend the press conference, she decided to withdraw from the French tournament. Since that day it has never been the same and the tennis player has faced several difficult situations. To tell the truth, apart from some surprising performances, Osaka has also had a sharp decline in terms of her results.