Naomi Osaka after the stop: “I felt unhappy”

During an interview for HBO, Naomi Osaka talked about many issues, from her passions to tennis and also commented on her return to the WTA Tour. In fact, after the defeat at the US Open 2021 against Leylah Fernandez, Osaka, struggling with health problems mentally, he had also talked about stepping away from tennis for several months

In the interview, the Japanese tennis player spoke of her passion for Kobe Bryant, a basketball legend who died a few years ago: “I was very lucky to have her figure around her, she was my mentor.

I loved everything about that time when we were together and he passed on so much to me. I hope I can be like him, I would like to give advice to younger athletes, a bit like he did. I want people to remember me over time for how I behaved and how I interacted with them.

Naomi Osaka after the stop: “I felt unhappy”

If you look at her Serena her legacy goes beyond being Werena Williams, I like many have started playing tennis to follow her legacy. She conveyed that idea as the best way to inspire new generations.

Social media? Social media sees people saying things to you on the web that they would never say to your face, before this was all impossible and in some ways it is dangerous. After winning the US Open (her first Grand Slam – ed.) I was upset but I played immediately after, at that time I was happy but after two years you are shocked by how people treat you for your fame.

Stop tennis? I want to play only for myself and lately it wasn’t like that, I felt unhappy on the pitch and if I won or lost the only thing I worried about was people’s thoughts. I loved competition, playing long games and fighting to win, now I just felt stressed. I need a little break for myself, I have been playing tennis since I was three and so I will play again for sure. I just want to have the happiness of returning to the court.”