Mehmet Kazan won Bavarian Championship

Turkish Mehmet Kazan (+6 on par) and German Jennifer Sraga (+24 on par) respectively win the male and female title of the International Bavarian Championship for Golfers with Disability (gross strokeplay).
Luisa Ceola closes the competition with +52 on par.

Mehmet Kazan, results

In the male stableford category the German Mark Shindhelm (86 total points) and in the female one the German Amalia Span (78 total points). Fabrizio Gardiol ranked T14 with 63 total points.

Here all the results:
– men with handicap 0 – 18.4
– women with handicap 0 – 18.4
– men with handicap 18.5 – 45
– women with handicap 18.5 – 45

Golf for the disabled as well as the other Paralympic disciplines is regulated by the CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee), the body that governs all sporting activities for people with disabilities, trying to be based on principles of equality and equal opportunities.

In detail, the body that deals with this sport in Italy is the Italian Golf FIG Federation.

Golf has always been seen as an elite sport, but in reality it is one of the few sporting activities that sees able-bodied and disabled athletes compete side by side.

Golf for the disabled is an activity suitable for sportsmen in wheelchairs, with intellectual or relational disabilities, blind and visually impaired, for athletes with prostheses and crutches, which only provides for minor changes to the original regulation.

For example, blind players can be accompanied by a coach who can help them align themselves with the hole and in case of entry to the sand bunker they are allowed to lean on a stick.

In short, it is played on the same field, with the same rules where, if disabled and able-bodied players participate in a playing group, “handicap” points are assigned, that is, a lower number of shots for the PAR to the most skilled player. (for example, if a hole is PAR 5, the able-bodied player will have a handicap of 1, so the hole must be made in 4 shots).

Not requiring excessive physical effort, golf for the disabled is a sport suitable for everyone, relaxing, where cardio training does not exist, the rhythms are moderate and coordination is really the main feature.

The beauty of sport also lies in the landscapes it grants that can result in some circumstances as a problem for those who are confined to a wheelchair and therefore live badly the unpredictability of the field, but to overcome this problem there are special wheelchairs created specifically for golf. for the disabled.