Matteo Berrettini: Novak Djokovic makes me sweat after every point

World No. 8 Matteo Berrettini made a positive start to his US Open quarterfinal match against Novak Djokovic but failed to sustain that level in the rest of the match and paid the ultimate price. 

Berrettini won a tight opener against Djokovic but the top-seeded Serb recovered in an impressive way to clinch a 5-7 6-2 6-2 6-3 win and progress into the US Open semifinal. 

Berrettini also has the experience of playing former world No. 1 Rafael Nadal at the US Open. 

Berrettini made his maiden Grand Slam semifinal at the US Open in 2019, before losing in straight sets to Nadal. 

“I mean, I never experienced. Was different with Rafa two years ago, but kind of the same thing. I think with Rafa I also got to the semis. I was more tired. After two sets, I ran out of energies,” Berrettini said, when asked what’s it’s like from the physical standpoint to play Djokovic. 

Berrettini feels he needs to figure out a few more things against Djokovic  

Berrettini also made a positive start to the Wimbledon final as he won a tight opener to take an early lead. 

After falling down by a set in the Wimbledon final, Djokovic put in another gear and ended up clinching a four-set win. 

“With him I feel good, but it’s just that keep up that level, I need extra – I don’t know – experience I guess, maybe just to play better. He doesn’t give me any free points. I have to earn every single point. Doesn’t matter if I serve or if I return, he makes me sweat in a way that at the end,” Berrettini explained. 

“I don’t think I played worse than the first set, just a little bit I guess more tired that in a way with other players I wouldn’t feel it. With him, just one point percentage-wise and the game changed. Yeah, that’s what I feel on the court.”