Martin Slumbers: “Open? No ban to anyone”

The issue of participation in the Majors of LIV Golf players is one of the most delicate, sportingly speaking.

We know that three of them are under the influence of the PGA Tour.

The USGA, the PGA of America and the Augusta National Board support, more or less openly, the hard line adopted by the PGA Tour against what are called “rebels”.

But decisions regarding the fourth major, the one with the longest history, are made elsewhere.

The R&A in St. Andrews holds the reins of the Open Championship.

On the occasion of the Asia Pacific Amateur Championship Martin Slumbers, the CEO of R & A, reiterated the concept he had already introduced in July.

Martin Slumbers, statements

“Between January and February we will make public the details of how we intend to proceed with regard to LIV Golf players”

“If you want a rough indication, you have to resume my interview from July”

“We have no intention of applying the ban to anyone”

“We do not want to betray 150 years of history and ensure that the Open Championship is not open. The name says it all, and it is an important fact “

“What we will do is ensure that there are appropriate pathways and methods for qualification”

“I’m looking forward to seeing Cam Smith on the tee for the first hole at 9.40am on the first day of the Open next year”

“The Open needs to stay away from what’s going on in terms of disagreement and ensure that we stand by our principle, which is to have the best players in the world compete with each other.”

Inevitably, the discussion slipped on the rift between PGA Tour, DP World Tour and LIV Golf.

Slumbers, hoping for a reconciliation as soon as possible, said:

“For me, it’s not about us and them”

“I have no problem with the players. They play to live “

“Saudi Arabia intends to invest large sums of money in the game I love and care for. It’s a good thing “

“But I intend to protect the paths and the meritocracy on which this game is based. If it is not played with the utmost value and respect, there is no chance of making it grow ”.

Very strong words.

Mister Slumbers, I’m on his side.