Manuel Elvira equals Severiano Ballesteros

The Cantabrian golfer Manuel Elvira has opened his record with an outstanding exhibition of play that has allowed him to win the title of Spanish men’s champion at the Gambito Golf Club Calatayud and thus join his name to icons of Spanish golf such as Severiano Ballesteros, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, José María Cañizares, Manuel Piñero, among others.

Manuel Elvira, results

Elvira has conquered the title with a final card of 26 under par, seven shots less than the second classified, Jorge Maicas from Zaragoza, and an exceptional competition final in which he consecutively signed birdie, eagle, birdie and birdie.

The triumph of the Cantabrian golfer, with a spectacular final 64, responds to the work accumulated over many years, an accumulation of experience and sporting maturity that has led to a victory several times persecuted – he was third in this same tournament in the 2019 and 2020 editions – but at the same time dodge.

“I dedicate it to my uncle, who recently passed away. I promised myself that I was going to win a tournament for him and that’s how it has been,” he said at the end of the competition.

Elvira made it clear from the start that he was one of the top contenders for the title after placing seventh on the first day, moving up to second on the second and topping the standings on the last two.

The 2021 champion, the Asturian Iván Cantero, tried to maintain the strong pace that Elvira set from the beginning but finally had to settle for third place, behind a Maicas who, after a first day in which he signed 72 strokes, was forced to come back and even sign an exceptional card with 61 on Saturday.

Final standings:

1.- Manuel Elvira, 258 (66+66+62+64)

2.- Jorge Maicas, 265 (72+66+61+66)

3.- Ivan Cantero, 266 (67+67+62+70)

4.- Alex Esmatges, 267 (68+70+64+65)

+.- Victor Garcia Broto, 267 (65+70+68+64)

Severiano “Seve” Ballesteros Sota was a Spanish golfer, at the top of the world rankings for some decades. He showed off on the international circuit in 1976, when at 19 he took second place at the British Open.