Lucia Galeone from italian television to green

From “Striscia la Notizia” on italian television to the green of a golf course. It is the story of Lucia Galeone, born in Puglia and Milanese by profession and love. Lucia was a Velina of Antonio Ricci’s broadcast: in the 2004/05 season she was paired with the Russian blonde Vera Atyushkina.

Lucia Galeone, statements

She today she discovered golf. “And I’m completely in love with it, I didn’t think it could trigger such a spark” admits Lucia candidly to “Golfando”. The disbelief of the former Velina in front of golf is shared by many amateur players. Until you try to go to the driving range you don’t realize how magical it is to hit the ball well and make it fly through the air. “It’s all strange for me – he continues – because I started out for fun. The love at first sight did not go off immediately but now I have an unstoppable passion that leads me to play everywhere and to compete as soon as possible “.

The role of her husband, Christian Sarli, is decisive in this process of rapprochement. “He has been practicing for a long time, he has also played several times on the American courts. I accompanied him to the “Laghetto Golf Club” (Peschiera Borromeo, Milan) and he kept asking me to try. In the end I gave in and started ”. It was love at second sight, as mentioned, but now Lucia has been overwhelmed by an unusual fate in the greenery of a golf course. Within a few months she quickly followed the lessons with the teacher, the exam and the debut in the competition. “The first was at Pelagone (Gavorrano, Grosseto) – she remembers – and I liked it. I love nature that is lost in open spaces. In Tuscany they were beautiful days. Then I did two circuits organized in Camuzzago (Bellusco, Monza), a beautiful reality and a different field ”.

Lucia’s story sounds like a golf spot. “My husband and I sign up wherever there are competitions and play as soon as possible. Last week we went to the Chervò, on Lake Garda. Another beautiful field, also there very large spaces in the green. There was fog but I got away with my fluorescent balls. And I got a great satisfaction: with my 7 iron I was the only one of our group (there were eight of us) to fly a pond”.

That wasn’t a random iron. “I think I have a particular feeling with iron 7 – says Lucia Galeone -. I can play in any situation whether on a long course or on a more technical pitch. I always feel at ease “. Like any amateur, a strength corresponds to an Achilles heel. “I still don’t perceive the driver as mine. There is still work to be done – explains the former Mora Velina – and let’s say that my mission impossible for the year that has just begun will be to improve the driver. “

The other passion of Lucia Galeone, namely crossfit, is also aimed at playing golf. “I often go to the gym with a friend and I work hard because she keeps me fit and ready for golf”.

Family (two daughters), golf, crossfit in today’s life of this Apulian woman who does not forget what everyone calls “the family of Striscia la Notizia”. “I owe a lot of my existence to that broadcast – she remembers – because she gave me the opportunity to work in a metropolis. I was born in Grottaglie, in Puglia, and Milan has always had a particular charm. It was the turning point for me. Not just professionally: that’s where I met my husband, Christian. Me and the other ex Veline are still in contact with Ricci and with the staff of the broadcast. Relations have always remained excellent “. And who knows that soon he will not cross Valerio Staffelli on the green without tapirs to deliver but with a golf bag on his shoulder.