Llodra: “I didn’t think Roger Federer would have this career”

During an interview with Télégramme, former ATP number 21 Michael Llodra recalled the beginnings of Roger Federer’s career. The Frenchman said: “I had the chance to face Roger Federer several times when we were very young. We are only one year apart, in fact I have known him since I was 12. 

I can say that we grew up together. To be honest, I didn’t think he would have such a monstrous career. He was a very brilliant player since he was a kid, you could see that he had enormous potential, but it was impossible to predict that he would become one of the best ever.”

Michael then went into detail: “In the early years of his career, Roger alternated brilliant moments with numerous temperamental excesses. As soon as he managed to unravel that dichotomy, he became a completely different tennis player. His ease of play cannot be described in words and all his strokes are absolutely perfect.”

Roger’s season

Roger Federer recently confirmed that he will not take part in the Australian Open 2022, news that surprised neither fans nor insiders. The Swiss champion has also questioned his presence at Wimbledon, which has aroused enormous concern given that there are still many months to go until the Championships.

The former world number 1 played just 13 competitive matches this year, racking up nine wins against four defeats. His best result came right on the grass in London, where he pushed himself to the quarters thanks to a not impossible draw.

A few weeks after the clear defeat against Hurkacz, the 20-time Grand Slam champion announced that he had to operate on his right knee again due to a relapse. The 40-year-old from Basel said that he will be able to return to racing at the beginning of 2022, while to get his racket back in his hand he will have to wait until spring.

We will hardly see him again on the ATP Tour before summer 2022. The Swiss dropped out of the Top 10 for the first time since 2017, but he hasn’t lost that optimism that has always characterized him.