LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman ‘provoked’ Rory McIlroy

LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman seems to ‘defy’ the opposing side. It is his aim to establish LIV Golf as the most recognizable brand in the golf industry and to gain absolute power as well. In order to achieve that goal, the huge amount of money they have might be one of the most important factors. Greg Norman sent a message via Twitter.

“From dead in the water to an important part of the future of golf all in 8 months. #LIVGolf has only just begun.

It’s time for the major forces in golf to make the good of the game we all love the priority. @LIVGolfInv will continue to do its part.”- Greg Norman wrote.

The first part of the sentence probably refers to a statement made by Rory McIlroy a few days ago when he answered a journalist’s question; Are they afraid of competition?

“Yeah, who’s left? Who’s left to go?

I mean, there’s no one. It’s dead in the water in my opinion. I just can’t any reason why anyone would go.”- McIlroy said.

PGA Tour and LIV Golf

A few days ago, he also spoke about the fact that the PGA Tour and LIV Golf must find a common language.

“I believe there is no more time to waste. PGA Tour and LIV will have to find a compromise and speak for the sake of our sport. I don’t know when this can happen, certainly not tomorrow, but of course we will have to find an agreement”.

“Golf is a small reality, it is not football where inside it large worlds such as Serie A, the Champions League, FIFA or UEFA coexist with each other,” the Northern Irishman continued. “So, even more so, we need to stick together and find a way to ensure that in the future there are no splits like the one we are witnessing today”.