Liv earnings, 8 events like 12 years of career

Not only the record earnings (about 35 million dollars in just eight games played) of Dustin Johnson, former number 1 in the world. The Arab Super League, a separatist green circuit, has made fortunes, certainly economically, for many golfers.

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This is the case of South African Branden Grace, who grossed $ 16,634,666 this year compared to $ 12,296,547 earned in a 12-year career on the PGA Tour. But that’s just one of many examples. Peter Uihlein’s numbers are emblematic. If ten years of career on the top American men’s circuit have earned him $ 4,043,733, eight races in the LIV Golf have brought him $ 12,814,786.

LIV Golf, also known as Super Golf League is a professional golf circuit. It was founded in 2022, with the sponsorship of the Public Investment Fund (it is the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia). The circuit rivals the PGA Tour (United States) and the DP World Tour (Europe), offering substantially higher prize money.

The name LIV refers to the total number of holes to be played in each event (54 in Roman numerals, corresponding to 3 rounds of 18 holes), as opposed to the usual 72 holes (4 rounds of 18 holes) in other tours. Alternatively, 54 is the score obtained by scoring a birdie on each hole on a par 72.1 course.

In March 2022, LIV Golf CEO, former professional golfer and former world number one Greg Norman, announced the schedule for the first season of the LIV Golf Invitational Series. This consists of eight tournaments, to be played over a total of 54 holes without court. Each tournament will have a field of 48 players, who will be grouped into 12 teams of four players, with simultaneous starts. The total amount of prizes to be distributed amounts to 255 million dollars. 

Greg Norman, born February 10, 1955 in Mount Isa, Queensland, is an Australian golfer who became a professional player in 1976 and won his first major competition, the French Open, in 1980.

Nicknamed the great white shark, he has only two major tournaments to his name, winning two British Open golf tournaments in 1986 and 1993. Yet he was world number one for 331 weeks during the 80s and 90s.

He had the misfortune to see his opponents land impossible shots like on a bunker run at the 1986 USPGA by Bob Tway or on a 45-yard approach in 1987 at the Masters of golf. But he also wasted many opportunities like during the 1996 edition of the Masters when he lost the tournament by 5 moves to Nick Faldo, when he was 6 moves ahead on the evening of the 3rd round.

He is considered one of the best hitters in history along with Jack Nicklaus, but advances in technology and the advent of the metal driver, which allow for longer and more accurate drives, have drastically reduced his dominance.

In July 2008, he married American tennis champion Chris Evert for a second time, but they divorced the following year.