Lexington: ball boy has an illness, young player saves him

17-year-old tennis player Juncheng Shang immediately activated to help the young ball boy who fell ill during the Lexington tournament, on hard-courts.

A great gesture of sportsmanship, which by now is not lacking in the world of tennis. During his game, the Chinese tennis player Shang noticed that a ball boy was not in very good physical condition and in difficulty: in fact, the boy suffered a little illness, probably due to the strong heat, and was accompanied in his arms by the athlete in a place with some shade.

The very young player made sure of his condition, also giving him water. This beautiful action was ‘rewarded’ on the pitch: the 17-year-old native of Beijing managed to win the round of 16 match at the Lexington Challenger against Kazakhstan Kukushkin.

Here is the video of what happened in the competition.





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