Keith Pelley announced a big change on the DP World Tour!

DP World tour players can be happy after some great news. Namely, they will receive guaranteed money for the first time in the 2023 season. Prize money will increase and it will be an additional motivation for golfers to show their qualities. DP World Tour chief executive Keith Pelley is also happy after everything and thinks they showed respect for the golfers. This will give them a greater chance, and a motive.

“I have always believed that it is an incredible accomplishment for any professional golfer to simply gain their playing rights,” Pelley said in a statement, as quoted by

“And this new initiative recognises and rewards that achievement.

Although we will never lose the magic of the meritocracy and purity of a performance-based structure, this now offers certainty of income to those players who have made it to the pinnacle of the professional game in Europe.”

Their partnership with the PGA Tour is of great importance. With joint forces, they try to fight against LIV Golf, which does not give up its intentions. LIV Golf wants to attract players with big money. It will be difficult to match them, but this may be the first step toward that.

“Our overall prize fund for the 2023 season represents almost $30m more than five years ago and also underlines the strength of our partnership with the PGA Tour, who are working with us to drive revenue and a long-term growth plan,” Pelley added.

Keith Pelley and rumors

Keith Pelley was furious with rumors a few weeks ago that the Saudis had offered DP World Tour $1 million for a partnership.

“The supposed $1 billion offer that was made to us by Golf Saudi.

There’s only one word to describe that claim, and that is fictitious.” – he said, as quoted by  

“I genuinely do not know how many times I can make this point.

And you can ask any member of our board of directors, and they will unanimously confirm that it was not an offer, it was not a deal, it was merely a marketing presentation put together on behalf of Golf Saudi.”