John McEnroe tips Novak Djokovic to win US Open

Former world No. 1 John McEnroe has tipped Novak Djokovic to win the US Open. 

Djokovic, ranked at No. 1 in the world, will capture a Calendar Grand Slam if he wins the US Open.

“I anticipate that he’s going to win the tournament, that’s what I anticipate. I felt before Wimbledon started that he was going to win the Grand Slam. I felt like he was going to lose at the Olympics. The two-out-of-three format, just excessive travel, no fans, et cetera, I think contributed. I think the heat is the big thing,” McEnroe told ESPN Press Room.

“To me it’s going to be him against the field. I pick him right now. The heat could be an issue for any player, any top player, any player for that matter. That could be a deciding factor if he were to lose to someone, if he got stuck in a situation where he was playing in really hot conditions like it’s going to be tomorrow, if he was playing during the day. Otherwise I think he’s going to do it.  

“Obviously can make things more interesting and exciting at this tournament, see if he can pull off something that’s not been done since Laver in ’69. Exciting.”

Pam Shrives believes Djokovic is more than capable of achieving the feat 

“I think Novak returns to probably the US Open a year after the most embarrassing situation he’s had. I’m sure he’s even more determined,” Shriver noted. 

“I will recall what happened to Serena Williams, six years ago when she was going for the calendar year Grand Slam and Vinci played Pennetta to win it. Vinci played a magical match.  

“I will just sort of say these things are hard to do for a reason, but if anyone can do it, obviously Novak has been the guy the last, what, five, eight years in the majors more so even than Rafa and Roger.”