John McEnroe opens on why he wasn’t always good father, improvement he has made

John McEnroe admits there were times when he probably wasn’t the best father but adds he has done his best to improve as a human being and now he can look himself in the mirror and be at peace. 

From 1986 to 1994, McEnroe was married to Academy Award winner Tatum O’Neal. 

They had three children and McEnroe was awarded the full custody of their children in 1998 due to O’Neal’s addiction to heroin. 

Three years after his divorce, McEnroe married Patty Smith – to whom he has been married ever since. 

McEnroe was 27 when his first two kids were born and trying to be a top tennis player while also being a good father at the same time was simply too much for the American. 

McEnroe: I have done my best to improve as a human being 

“Am I going to sit there and tell my kids that the glass is half empty instead of half full? What type of message does that send to my kids or other kids,” McEnroe told Tennis365. “I know it’s human nature to sort of wonder what coulda-woulda-shoulda. I do think it’s important to represent that I came out of this in a pretty darn good place overall, and my perspective is improved over time. That is important. A message to send and hopefully people will see that with this, that if my kids see it. I’ve come to a place where I’m able to look at myself in the mirror more than maybe at any other point in my life and feel like ‘hey, at least this guy has improved as a human being over the years’. You know, each year he tried to get a little bit better.”

Also, McEnroe said his goal was to be a good parent to his kids but he also wanted to remain a top player.

“What am I supposed to be like? ‘Oh, okay take care of the kids I gotta go deal with this situation here with the rankings?’ No, no, I was trying to do both to the best of my ability. But the first priority to me should be my kids, you know, or don’t have them,” McEnroe added.