John McEnroe: “Emma Raducanu should ignore the media”

Emma Raducanu’s career is going through a rather complicated period. The very young British tennis player proved to have great skills with the glorious ride at the US Open in 2021, but since that triumph she has not managed to have the continuity she expected.

It must be remembered, however, that she is only 19 year-old which is why it is legitimate for Raducanu to suffer the great media pressure that has sprung up around her. Regarding the Grand Slam champion, John McEnroe, one who knows about successes, said: “Don’t ask me if Raducanu will become a good player, because she already is.

Nobody wins a Grand Slam tournament by not being good. After her victory at the US Open, many eyes were on her. Everyone expected her to do great things. Since then, many things have changed for her, but I know that sooner or later she will get back to her best.”

McEnroe:  “Raducanu should ignore the media”

A veteran of the profession like John McEnroe has learned, in the course of his career, to also manage the strong psychological pressure that press and media of various kinds could cause on him, impacting on his performance.

In this regard, the former world number 1 felt that he was lining up alongside Emma Raducanu, defending her from that press, especially British, which immediately created enormous expectations around her: “I know what that means. In the late ’70s and early’ 80s I had come to the point of thinking that if I won Wimbledon I would never come back here.

To hell with these reporters! Then it is true that when I won for the first time, I felt unique sensations. I felt like I could fly out of the stadium, because the excitement was so great it crossed my mind that I wanted to play this tournament again. Now Raducanu can live this experience. She lives for the day, but I ask her not to pay too much attention to what the media say about her.”