Jimmy Arias weighs in on Carlos Alcaraz’s game, major success at just 19

Former American tennis star Jimmy Arias has praised Carlos Alcaraz as he suggests the 19-year-old is a pretty unique athlete and has a very impressive style of play. 

Alcaraz, 19, enjoyed a stunning 2022 season as he captured his first Grand Slam title at the US Open and also became the youngest No 1 in tennis history. 

With Roger Federer retired and Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic approaching their retirement, Alcaraz has been widely tipped to be the next player who will do major things and become an all-time great. 

“His game’s pretty good, he’s an incredible athlete. He does things that I haven’t seen players do. He can hit a 100-mile-an-hour forehand from 3 feet behind the baseline, and then on the next shot, he’s at the net or pretty close to the net. You don’t see anybody do that, it’s a new thing. It’s impressive to watch,” Arias said on Tennis Channel’s Inside-In podcast, as quoted on Sportskeeda. 

Arias to Alcaraz: Now they are chasing you

This year, Alcaraz proved that he is definitely capable of beating the top players and winning the biggest titles. 

Now that Alcaraz is a Grand Slam champion and the top-ranked player in the world, Arias warns him that everyone will badly want to beat him. 

“Obviously, he [Carlos Alcaraz] went to the US Open and he’s still one of the top favorites at that tournament and it was fine. Now that he’s No. 1, he’s just going to have to learn to deal with it. It’s different, you’re not chasing anyone anymore. Everyone’s chasing you, everyone’s gunning for you,” Arias explained. 

Meanwhile, Alcaraz is not making his ATP Finals debut this week in Turin. 

Alcaraz, who clinched an ATP Finals ticket a long ago, was forced to withdraw from the season-ending tournament due to an abdominal injury. 

Also, Alcaraz pulled out of the Davis Cup Finals knockout stage in Malaga.