Jil Teichmann recalls feeling ‘shocked’ after kind Roger Federer message

Swiss tennis player Jil Teichmann admitted she was star-struck after meeting 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer. 

Teichmann, 24, met Federer at the US Open a few years ago and the former world No. 1 wished her a good luck before her match. 

At first, Teichmann didn’t want to disturb Federer and she was just planning on peacefully continuing her way. 

In the moment of crossing each other, Federer wished her a good luck and Teichmann was lost for words as she couldn’t believe what just happened. 

“Yeah. I actually have had a funny moment. It was in US Open. I’m not sure if, I think 2018, I’m not sure. I was playing last round of qualifying,” Teichmann recalled. 

“I was actually set on first round. I was walking out of the locker room, and there is this really small hallway. He was coming the other way, I’m not kidding, with three, four or five cameras. I’m, like, I’m not going to disturb, so I just went on one side.

“In the moment of crossing, he’s, like, ‘Good luck,’ in Swiss-German. I was so in shock. I didn’t answer in that moment. I was, like, Oh, my God. Did he really just say that?”

Party Schnyder tried to cam down Teichmann 

“I was waiting next to Patty Schnyder. She was also playing last round of qualifying that year. I told her, like, Patty, this happened. She’s like, Relax, it’s okay,” Teichmann revealed. 

“Then he walked again, and he said again ‘Good luck’ to both of us. I looked at her, Now it’s impossible. Did I lose? And I actually qualified that year.”

Teichmann suggested that she felt like she made it after Federer wished her a good luck. 

“Yeah, yeah, exactly. I was, like, Okay, that’s it. Twice Roger telling me ‘Good luck.’ That’s a sign,” Teichmann said.