Javier Ballesteros at Molinetto Country Club

At the Molinetto Country Club in Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan), where the Italian Open was played in 1985, the Molinetto Alps Open will be staged from 4 to 6 May. The second event of the Italian Pro Tour 2022 (also included in the Alps Tour calendar, the third men’s European circuit), will see 144 competitors from 16 different nations compete against each other. Leading the Italian expedition will be Stefano Mazzoli, leader of the Alps Tour order of merit. Among the Azzurri, there is also expectation for Gregorio De Leo and Federico Maccario.

Field of a good standard in Lombardy. In addition to Mazzoli, here are four other winners of the Alps Tour 2022: the Spanish Manuel Morugan, the French Adrien Pendaries, the Swiss Mathias Eggenberger and the Portuguese Tomas Guimaraes Bessa. Not only. Among the favorites on the eve there is also the German Dominic Foos (youngest winner in the history of the Challenge Tour, in 2015 he won the Gant Open at the age of 17 years and 347 days).

Javier Ballesteros, Molinetto Country Club

Spotlight also on the Spaniard Javier Ballesteros, son of the unforgotten champion Severiano who in 1985, on this path and on the occasion of the 42nd edition of the Italian Open, closed the tournament (won by another Iberian, Manuel Piñero Sánchez) at fifth place.

The Molinetto Alps Open (which will be preceded by a Pro-Am) will give away 40,000 euros (with the first coin of 5,800) and will be played over a distance of 54 holes, with denomination after 36.

Seve left us in May 2011, but his legend came back to life for a weekend thanks to the beautiful victory of his son Javier Ballesteros at the amateur tournament of the Abierto in Madrid, a competition that saw him impose himself by reassembling three shots in the final round. The 22-year-old is not and most likely will not follow in his father’s footsteps not only because at his age Seve had already been second in the Open, but because “For me, golf is just a passion, I’m studying law and, as my dad always said, I play with my qualities “. And so with an excellent final lap, dotted with birdies and even an eagle, Javier took a very prestigious victory, which made the whole of Spain jump with emotion.

Severiano Ballesteros passed away last May 2011, after such a rapid and sudden deterioration that he left the whole world of golf speechless. He is gone, one of the most beloved champions of all time, a symbol of genius and imagination, an engine for many of the current rulers of international tours who fell in love with our sport by observing the exploits of Seve. After four operations and the ordeal of the brain tumor, Severiano Ballesteros passed away at the age of 54, but his legend will continue to shine.

He died on the night of May 6, 2011 after his physical conditions had suddenly given up leaving him in serious condition: Severiano Ballesteros suffered the last agony that in just under a week deprived us of the very Spanish champion, also the idol of Matteo Manassero, as well as many other professionals, amateurs and simple enthusiasts. Champion on and off the field, appreciated and adored all over the world for his elegance, fairness, friendliness and style, in his career he has won 87 tournaments and had only recently defied, before the discovery of the disease, following an illness at the airport.

It seemed he could even return to the field, but the hopes have given way to the great emptiness of his disappearance. The drama of the case wanted Severiano Ballesteros to leave right on the weekend of the Spanish Open, during which he was paid homage in the best possible way.

And now a little of him continues to live in his son and on the greens.