‘It’s normal to compare him with Rafael Nadal’, says top coach

The 2021 season has been a mixed one for Rafael Nadal. The year was full of ups and downs, but it also had its fair share of casualties. Unfortunately, the Spanish legend failed to capture a Grand Slam title this year. In addition, his campaign was also plagued with injuries. While taking a break from the circuit right now, he has been enjoying his time off the court. Recently, Nadal participated in a charity golf tournament, which he even ended up winning, the solidarity golf event in Mallorca. Despite missing Wimbledon, the Olympics and the US Open, Nadal has been recovering well for the near future. Previously, he had committed to playing in a charity golf tournament in his home country. Due to the injury, many people expected the event to be skipped. On the contrary, Rafa kept his word and participated in the tournament, to the joy of the fans. At the Mallorca event, Nadal had a great time on the field. What’s more, the 20 Grand Slam winner even won the charity event title. It was another trophy for the individual so used to winning. According to reports, the Spaniard has a very high level in the sport of golf, which he must have put into practice in Mallorca. As seen in the video, Rafael Nadal won the exhibition contest and lifted the trophy through the roof. If you asked Nadal himself, he would probably admit that 2021 hasn’t been anywhere near his best season. He failed to capture the big titles and an old foot injury resurfaced. As a result, the former world number one got off to a low-key start and saw a qualifying slip from him.

Uncle Toni on Carlos Alcaraz

Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni believes Carlos Alcaraz is technically superior to his nephew’s 18-year-old self. According to Uncle Toni, Alcaraz and his nephew are different players stylistically but are similar in their hunger to win at any cost. “They (Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal) are different players, but they do have things in common,” Toni Nadal said. “All the people who play very well have things in common. The first is the will and desire to win, and nowadays it is difficult to see a boy who is very focused.” The 60-year-old believes that every top player will invariably be compared to the greats of the game, and he claimed “it is normal” to compare the teenager to Rafael Nadal. “It is fair to enter into comparisons,” Toni Nadal said. “We live in a world in which a player is good compared to others, and it is normal to compare him with Rafael, I totally understand it.”