‘If Roger Federer had a break point against him…’, says Grand Slam champion

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic marked a tennis era. For this it will be a great pity to have to wait even before seeing them take part, again, in a tournament together. It will certainly not happen in Dubai, where, in addition to the announced forfeit of the Serbian, that of the Swiss was added after the elimination of Doha. Yet, since 2003, the two have won this tournament 13 times (8 Roger and 5 Nole), giving pure spectacle every time they have walked these fields. Thanks to Tennis Tv, we are able to offer you here a selection of the best exchanges signed by the two in a match played in 2014 (edition later won by Federer). Former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek recently spoke to Tennis Magazin about Roger Federer’s serve, which is an important part of the Swiss’ arsenal. Krajicek, who himself had one of the best serves in the world when he was active, claimed that what makes Federer’s serve so special is its unpredictability.

Krajicek recalls his matches with Roger Federer

Richard Krajicek also recalled his experience of returning Roger Federer’s serve during his playing days, at the 2000 Vienna Open and 2002 Ordina Open. Krajicek lost both his matches against the Swiss maestro in straightforward fashion. “I played against him twice before,” Krajicek said. “He wasn’t that good at that time, but still won both times! Roger doesn’t have the hardest serve. But his precision makes his serve the best in the world. He hits a lot of aces. If he had a break point against him two or three years ago or it was under pressure, then his serve almost always came in the center,” the Dutchman added. “You can no longer rely on that. In the meantime, he also plays more risk-taking, mixing up the variants more.” At the end of the interview, Richard Krajicek was asked which ATP player had a lot of untapped potential on their serve. The Dutchman named Dominic Thiem, particularly for his famed kick serve. “I think Dominic Thiem is really good,” Krajicek said. “His kick serve is particularly strong. In my opinion, he has the best serve of the not-so-tall players.” Losing a match after having match points is one of the burdensome ways to see a defeat. That’s also how Roger Federer ended his Qatar Open campaign in the quarterfinals this year. After a sensational comeback win in his first match, the Swiss maestro played flawlessly, even against Nikoloz Basilashvili. But following the first set, he kept dropping his strength level. However, the 39-year-old picked himself up in the decider set and gained a match point for the semifinals’ seat. Yet, as fate would have it, the 20-time Grand Slam champion could not convert that point into victory.