Ian Poulter to appeal PGA Tour ban: It makes no sense

Ian Poulter was suspended from the PGA Tour after deciding to play at LIV Golf. However, Poulter is furious and will appeal this decision.

“I’ve played a lot of tournaments all around the world, this event is no different. It’s a shame if they view this as something different.

“I will appeal for sure. It makes no sense. Having two Tour cards and the ability to play golf all over the world, what’s wrong with that? I believe I’ve been given permission in the past to play in events around the world.”- Poulter said, as quoted by skysports.

He still doesn’t know why the PGA Tour decided that.

“I don’t know why. We can all make assumptions as to why. Competition is probably the real reason. It’s a power struggle and it’s just disappointing.”

Graeme McDowell on the PGA decision

Graeme McDowell also doesn’t understand why the PGA treats its players that way, and it looks like this case could go a long way, even to court.

“I have spoken to some players, obviously we have spoken to the lawyers,” added McDowell.

“We have the LIV legal team which are fantastic. We have our own legal team. Some players have decided that, out of an abundance of caution, they were going to resign and try to stay away from any litigation.

“Some guys believe that they shouldn’t be in the situation where they have to resign. They don’t feel like they are doing anything wrong. OK, we haven’t been issued releases. We feel like we should have been issued releases. We’ve done it for the last 20 years, operated all over the world.”

Obviously the key to this story is: The supremacy of one over the other.

“We’re in the UK. You’ve players like myself and Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood, we are in our home markets here. We should be allowed to operate here as professional golfers. But hey, we all know the situation is about something bigger.

“It’s competition and it’s not liked. They are having to play the game the way they feel they have to play it, which is playing hard ball. We feel confident that we are well-protected and we are going to just try and do our best.”