‘I watched Roger Federer’s comeback match until…’, says former Top 10

As Roger Federer enjoys his return to the field after more than a year, one of his most important and prestigious records falls. And of course, the one who took him away is the rival who has beaten him several times in recent years, snatching away records on records and tournaments of utmost importance for the Swiss. No, not Rafa Nadal, another great rival of him, but who never gave the impression that he could really be better than Federer, if not on clay. Obviously we are talking about Novak Djokovic, who since this morning is the tennis player who has been at the top of the ranking for several weeks, 311 against the 310 of the Swiss. A record that represents the true strength of the Serbian, capable of obtaining a similar success in the years of the “Fedal”. And it is a record, which demonstrates that a champion, in order to be defined as such, must always give his best, throughout the course of his career. And it is a goal that makes Djokovic the strongest player of the moment, and perhaps also in the history of tennis. Federer was the strongest of the 1st decade of the 2000s, with Nadal able to reap success only on his beloved homeland and at Wimbledon in 2008. But since 2011, the Serbian has been the real ruler, a real steamroller who with his strength and brutality overwhelmed all opponents, including Fedal. On the other hand, the numbers also say so: in the last decade, the Serbian has won 17 Grand Slam trophies, against 11 for Nadal and even 4 for Federer. And it is no coincidence that the Swiss won three of these between 2017 and 2018, in those eighteen months that we can consider the worst moment of the Serbian’s career. Since his victory at Wimbledon 2018, the Serbian has resumed his role as the strongest, only partially opposed by Nadal, while Federer has collected few crumbs. While speaking with the press, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga revealed he had been watching Roger Federer’s comeback match until 3-3 in the final set. The Frenchman was delighted to learn that Federer had gone on to win and advance to the quarter-finals in Doha.

Tsonga on Roger Federer’s return

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga also empathized with Roger Federer, given that he has himself undergone surgeries on both his knees in the past. “Unbelievable. It’s beautiful,” Tsonga said. “I know what it’s like to have the knees operated on, because I have had both (knees operated). Anyway, I know what it is (laughs). When you’re out for a while (to comeback and win) it’s wonderful,” he added. “It’s Roger Federer too. He plays good tennis. I think it is great.”