‘I think Roger Federer and Nadal inspired many young players like…’, says young ace

As many will know, the Santiago Bernabeu, the legendary Spanish football stadium and home of Real Madrid, is grappling with a very important restyling, which is why the blancos have been forced to play in Valdebebas for more than a year, where the sports center is located. An important, mammoth, luxury project, in short, perfectly compliant with the canons of the hosting team. If the programs were to be respected, the new stadium, enlarged and modernized, should be completed by the summer of 2022, although in time of the pandemic some deadlines could be postponed. In any case, regardless of the date of completion of the works, the Madrid establishment would already be working to organize the inauguration of the plant and, according to some rumors, not confirmed but very probable, the guest of the evening could be the Spanish champion, symbol of an entire nation, Rafael Nadal, a great fan of the Galacticos. But the rumors are certainly not over, in fact, according to Marca, a Madrid newspaper and very attentive to the world of Real, the project managers are thinking of making the event even more epic by inviting his majesty Roger Federer and giving life to a similar match to the one organized by the Swiss himself in South Africa last year. An exhibition between the two most iconic tennis players of the new century could in fact attract the attention of the whole world of sport, even more so if it were played in the temple of Spanish and world football, the Santiago Bernabeu, a stadium that puts chills and at the same time it makes you dream. In an in-depth interview with Sportskeeda, Holger Rune opened up about feeling like a ‘freak’ in his childhood and how he first got attracted to tennis. He also spoke at length about his family, his long-term ambitions, his idols – which include both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal – and his recent ATP debut.

Rune praises Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

“I am a huge fan of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. I am also interested in the new generation actually. I think matches with Zverev, Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Rublev are very interesting to watch. But you cannot take the fight (away) from Rafael Nadal. He is the most inspiring tennis player ever with regard to fight. Actually, Nadal was my first idol. I had posters of him everywhere in my room when I was 6. I was dressed as Nadal in all practices, with sleeveless shirts and bandana, and even played with Babolat (racket). Then I played in a tournament, I think I was 7, with foam balls. And I came second and had a small trophy, whereas the winner had a big one. It hurt so much to lose that final, I refused to accept the trophy. And I was so angry, that I went home and took all the posters of Nadal down and said ‘I only want to be No. 1’. I asked if I could have Roger Federer up instead, because at the time he was No. 1 and Nadal No. 2. So Federer came up instead, and I watched all his matches and changed my racket and outfit. I think these players inspired so many young players like myself when I was little and hopefully, me and some of the other players on tour can inspire the younger generation as well. As a kid you have idols, and they are, besides your passion for the sport, also the fuel for your drive to become better” – Holger Rune said.