‘I give a lot of credit to Novak Djokovic for…’, says radio presenter

World number one Novak Djokovic is a world star and he is very famous. His fans are some of the most die-hard fans in tennis and jump at the first opportunity to see him play. Thus, there was a unique experience for the fans, the one that the Serbian lived the last time he played in Acapulco, Mexico. In an interview with Mexican commentator Luis Garcia, a former soccer player for the Mexican national team, Serbian tennis player Djokovic was left speechless for Mexico as he received a lot of love and support. While a practice session was taking place during the 2017 Acapulco Open, thousands of fans flooded the stadium to see the Serb. This was something new for Djokovic. “I love Mexico, I love Acapulco and I still remember the first time I had the practice session on the center court in Acapulco. I couldn’t believe how many people attended the practice session there.” Seeing thousands of people in the stadium just to catch a glimpse of a practice session shook Djokovic. In his vast career, in which he has played in packed stadiums, Djokovic was overwhelmed to see such a response. “I am referring both to an experience that I have playing on tour for so many years and I never had a problem playing in front of full stadiums, I was surprised because I didn’t expect it. So I was shaking for the first 30 minutes because I didn’t expect people to show up at the practice session.” Thus, this showed Djokovic the passion that Mexicans have for tennis. He compared the fans in Mexico to those in the Balkan region, and felt at home with so much support. “Thousands of people and that has shown me and has shown me how much Mexico loves tennis and I can’t wait to go back to Mexico to play.”

Djokovic is a true champion

According to American radio presenter Buck S*xton, it is insane to prevent Novak Djokovic from competing at the upcoming US Open. “I think it’s madness,” S*xton said. “I think it is completely inexplicable and my understanding is that this is a federal government issue and not a US open specific one.” The American also praised the Serb for staying true to his principles and standing strong on his morals. “The basis of restriction for any kind of non-citizens coming in to America as some kind of a greater health threat is completely ridiculous,” S*xton said, adding, “I mean it doesn’t exist anymore and I give a lot of credit to Novak Djokovic for standing behind his principles on it and standing strong.”