Hermilo Jazmines, fatal accident: drowned

Fatal accident for a golf player in Florida: the golfer drowned in a pond while probably looking for his ball. It happened at the East Lake Woodlands Country Club, in Oldsmar. Hermilo Jazmines, born in 1946 and living in Lutz, was killed.

Hermilo Jazmines, the fatal incident

The event last Sunday and pending the autopsy is thought to be an accidental fall or sudden illness. Jazmines was playing early in the morning on the East Lake field with a friend. After the tee shot from hole 3, the man got into the car to head towards the area where he had seen his ball finish. Then all traces of him were lost: the golf car was found parked on the path along the fairway, his putter on the ground near the water. Hermilo, on the other hand, seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Once there, the police first searched the woods around the camp and then called the Pinellas County Divers. Unfortunately their intervention was not in vain: the player’s body was found in the water, in the middle of the pond. Friends told police that Hermilo Jazmines “liked to go looking for lost balls along the way”.

Jim Wolklin is a lucky golfer. Since he started playing again, this 68-year-old American businessman has hit eleven hole-in-ones, three of which in just five days last month.

Defining it blessed with luck seems even an understatement. We all know the probability of hitting the golf ball on the fly by now: it is one in 12,500. Wolklin is the exception that confirms the rule, having strung eleven in his career (there are people who have never succeeded only once). “By now I have to admit that when I play a par 3 I feel under pressure – Wolklin told the US press -. My teammates expect me to always pocket with the first shot. Anyone who knows me now calls me Ace. I’m lucky, I can only admit it ”.

When he doesn’t shoot balls straight into the hole, Jim runs his boat dealership and a banquet hall.

The turning point in an already fortunate life as a golfer came between 12 and 16 February 2021 at the Heritage Bay Golf and Country Club, a 27-hole course in Naples (Florida).

On February 12, Wolklin played hole 13 of the Cypress Course, pocketing a 131-meter 8 iron. On the 15th, an encore on hole 21 of the Oak Course: this time with a 135-meter 7 iron. And to finish the following day on the Oak Course with a flourish, a 9 iron was “enough” to pitch from 118 meters on the fly. Each of the three companies was documented by teammates, almost always incredulous of such luck.

Like any self-respecting trophy collector, this lucky golfer remembers where he landed his other lucky shots. Anyone who wants to challenge him can show up at his club, Stanton Ridge, in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey: seven of his hole-in-ones have made it there. The eighth at Somerset Hills in Bernardsville, also in New Jersey.