‘He neutralized Novak Djokovic’s game a little bit’, says former No.1

Managing pressure has now become a major concern for any successful athlete. In this sense, Novak Djokovic will leave a legacy that is difficult to replicate, because he has shown on many occasions that he knows how to react to adversity with the courage that distinguishes the greatest personalities. Precisely for this reason, his performance against an excellent Daniil Medeved in the final of the US Open made a noise. The stakes were so high that he ended up being an obstacle even for the Serbian. The tension and a tactically perfect Medvedev prevented Djokovic from expressing his best tennis and achieving the Grand Slam dream. Nicola Pietrangeli, former world number three and winner of Roland Garros in 1959 and 1960, expressed his opinion on the latest act of the US Open in an interview with the Adnkronos news agency. “This Medvedev really impressed me, if he continues like this he will soon be world number one”, explained Pietrangeli. “Too much pressure has been put on Djokovic in these days with the history of the Grand Slam and he paid for it but maybe against this Russian boy would not have been enough even the best Djokovic. Medvedev was superior in practically all aspects of the game. He served at the limit of perfection and was also superior in long rallies, which is more unique than rare against Djokovic. Really many compliments. However, the Serbian is not the type to give up, he will come back again and in the next two years I still expect him at high levels.”

Wilander talks about Novak Djokovic

Mats Wilander, who was also part of the conversation with Alex Corretja, spoke a few words on how Daniil Medvedev managed to outplay Novak Djokovic in Sunday’s US Open final. “He neutralized Novak’s game a little bit,” Wilander said. “He didn’t hit too hard. A lot of his shots were going down the middle of the court and he was asking Novak to actively do something and show that he has the power to hit through him.” The Swede believes Medvedev did well to earn himself several free points on his serve. Wilander also pointed out that the second seed was the smarter and stronger player on the day. “Medvedev was serving incredibly well and you need to do that for free points. Medvedev was too smart, too strong physically,” Wilander added. “Medvedev wasn’t tested in the whole tournament,” Wilander said. “Yes he played four sets with [Botic] Van de Zandschulp 7-5 in the fourth but he wasn’t really tested. He had more energy in the end and was a nightmare opponent for Djokovic the way it went.”