Harry Kane considering playing golf professionally?

Harry Kane is one of the best strikers of today and a great footballer who currently plays for the Tottenham Spurs. What is unknown to many is the fact that Harry Kane has a great love for golf and that it is his hobby, and after the end of his career he could play golf professionally.

‘I think that’s a long way away — but never say never. I’m way off where the pros are at the moment. I know that for sure — I’m just concentrating on football. Golf is a great hobby to have to get away from football.’- Harry Kane said, as quoted by sun.

Sun reporters were interested in if he dreams of pulling on the Green Jacket after winning The Masters in Augusta, and Kane had an interesting response:

“Yes, you never know. I’m doing all right. I’m playing off scratch at the moment.

“I’ve got the Icons Series near New York at the end of the month, which will be good fun, playing under pressure in front of a crowd.

Icons series

The Icons Series will be an interesting competition that could attract the attention of a large number of people. This will make golf even more popular in other parts of the world, and it will be a great promotion for the sport. There are many famous and interesting names, both in the ‘America’ team and in the ‘rest of the world’ team.

“It’s like a Ryder Cup format, where 12 sports stars from the rest of the world play 12 sports stars from America. It’s at Liberty National. I’m looking forward to playing.

“For the Rest of the World, James Milner is playing, Canelo, Michael Phelps from America, Michael Strahan, who I’m friends with.”

It will be an interesting tournament that we can’t wait to watch.