Gary Player: I understand those who want to play at LIV Golf, they need money

LIV Golf continues to provoke a lot of criticism, although there are those who support this competition. Gary Player is one of those who doesn’t understand why there is so much ‘noise’ about LIV Golf.

“Golf is a wonderful game and we must never forget this, the heart of the game is the amateur not the professional,” Player said for Sky Sports News. “What saddens me is to see the fighting that’s going on and it’s unnecessary.

“Remember this, the players that are playing there now, they need the money, they’ve got families and I don’t blame them for playing there. There are not a lot of them that can win on the regular Tour any more, so they’re wisely taking the money.

“But remember the PGA Tour is the strongest tour, so there is a place in the sun for both tours and I just hope they settle everything in an amicable way and we go from strength to strength.”

Gary Player: You’ve got to choose

Player thinks that it is fair of the players to admit the main motive for playing in the tournament, but that they still have to choose one

“You can’t have your cake and eat it, you’ve got to choose from one tour to another,” Player added. “If they so desire to play the LIV tour, that is their choice and their freedom, but you can’t have both tours, it’s not going to be allowed.

“I’d like the people that are playing the tour to just be open and say ‘I’m playing this tour because I want to make some money, I have a family’. There’s no disgrace about that.

“Every businessman has a choice to say, when he gets transferred from one company to another, ‘I’m leaving because I’m making more money’. The best players will always come from the US tour because that’s where all top national players are playing.