French cyclist: “Rafael Nadal’s infiltrations? For a cyclist it would be doping”

Rafael Nadal won the Roland Garros 2022, the 14th of his glorious career, but the Spaniard made a statement which surprised everyone, and not a little. The Majorcan tennis player arrived in Paris with the usual pain in his foot that has gripped him for months to the point that, in order to play, he could find no other solution than the use of numerous infiltrations.

Nadal himself said he had the nerve asleep for two weeks at the end of the win against Casper Ruud. Words that surprise but which are still accepted by everyone, who praise the Spanish champion for the feat accomplished despite the precarious physical condition.

The French cyclist Guillaume Martin, in an interview with L’Équipe, was not at all frowned upon the method Nadal used in order to compete: “What Rafael Nadal did would have been impossible in bicycle, and I find it normal.

If we are sick or injured, we don’t run, we don’t compete, it seems like common sense to me. In the long run, I’m not sure Nadal’s ankle will benefit from this. Medicines and infiltrations not only have a healing effect, but can certainly improve performance. If a cyclist did the same thing, even if it were not forbidden, everyone would fall on him calling him doped.”

Nadal’s shocking revelation about foot injuries

Rafael Nadal’s victory over Casper Ruud who handed him the fourteenth Roland Garros of his career was overwhelming.

On the Philippe Chatrier we saw all the disparity between a veteran like the 36-year-old from Manacor and a young Norwegian, with high hopes but just in his first Grand Slam final. Net of the great success, however, the Spaniard revealed all the suffering he suffered in order to be at an acceptable level, revelations that did not leave any of the listeners indifferent.

Nadal said at the end of the match: “I play with a nerve infiltration and the foot goes to sleep, so I moved on. I better not say how many infiltrations I have done in these two weeks. The only thing I could do to have a chance to win here was to numb him. A distance block was performed with injections of anesthetic on the sensory nerves of the foot. It’s a big risk in the face of twisting ankle or whatever.”