Frances Tiafoe on pulling of LeBron James celebration, wanting to inspire kids

American tennis star Frances Tiafoe absolutely enjoyed playing in front of the US Open crowd and doing what makes him happy and what makes the crowd entertained. 

Tiafoe, ranked at No. 50 in the world, was pulling off the LeBron James celebration after his wins at the US Open. 

On Sunday, Tiafoe fell short to Felix Auger-Aliassime in four sets in the US Open round-of-16. 

Despite the loss, Tiafoe was in good spirits and overall happy because he insists there is more to than just winning or losing a tennis match. 

“There’s still a lot of tournaments for this season. But, man, it’s great. This is good to like see the crowd, enjoy what I’m able to do,” Tiafoe said when asked about doing the LeBron James celebration and how would that carry over into next season for him.

“I feel like when I’m out there playing, I feel like it’s bigger than a tennis match, win or lose. I mean, it got me super emotional, I almost cried walking off the court. Not just even because I lost, it’s just the amount they showed me walking off the court. Losing a tennis match is almost irrelevant sometimes what the outcome is. I’m bouncing a ball going into the breaker, deuce or whatever in the third, and I have four kids saying, ‘Whatever happens, you are my inspiration, like that’s what it’s about.'”

Tiafoe wants to give back to fans and put on a show for them 

“You’re going to win tennis matches, you’re going to lose tennis matches. That’s the shit that matters. That’s why I wake up every day and go crazy, I do all that, because a little kid is going to remember that. Parents are paying their hard-earned money to put their kids in seats and watch it. I just want to put on a show,” Tiafoe explained. 

“Don’t get that twisted as I’m just out here trying to be an entertainer. I want to win just as bad as the next person. I still generally want to win. I want to have fun and I want everybody in the crowd to enjoy those three hours, four hours, however long I’m out there as well.”