Dog eats sixteen golf balls, vets save his life

A Boxer named Ben was rushed to the veterinary clinic where it was necessary to proceed immediately with surgery, apparently in fact inside the stomach of the big puppy there were balls more or less 4 centimeters wide.

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“Ben’s stomach was very full, so we had to have an urgent surgery to open the stomach to allow us to remove the balloons.

“It’s a fairly routine and low-risk surgery, but the removal of so many golf balls is unique. Sixteen is a lot, even for a Boxer.

“The operation was a complete success and Ben went home.”

Apparently the owner of the two-year-old Boxer Ben would have started noticing some changes in the puppy about 2 months earlier when the large dog started losing weight.

His human friend, the 70-year-old David Warren of Bootle, in Merseyside, feeling the dog’s stomach, realized that it was harder than normal and thinking of an intestinal blockage, he went to the vet where after the tests it was understood the severity of the situation.

According to what was reported by the Daily Mail, the man allegedly asserted: “I was worried because Ben hadn’t eaten, had lost weight and then started to feel sick.

“One day he was sick and I noticed that while he was in his kennel in his mouth and there was a golf ball, but I never thought for a minute that it was because he had eaten it.” “I thought he was there because we live near a golf course and he was playing with the ball. “I was horrified when the vets told me about the blockage in his stomach.”

“They said they were golf balls and I thought he swallowed one or two, but they said ‘No, he swallowed 16”.

“I could not believe it. I’m not a golfer, so these were stray balls from the driving range that he found and ate, which shows how good the local golfers are. “

Fortunately, the dog recovered well from the surgery and the man would have defined the Northwest vets as exceptional for how they looked after his big puppy.

it appears that the vets jokingly gave the golf balls extracted from Ben’s stomach to its owner

“I can see the funny side of it all now, but it was a very serious situation just happened and there was nothing to laugh about.”