David Ravetto: “I worked for it and it pays off”

In great shape after notably his second place in Portugal two weeks ago, David Ravetto has returned to the race for the climb on the DP World Tour and expects an end to the existing season.

David Ravetto, statements

“I feel great right now. The first three weeks when I come back well, I putt really well. The last three are the opposite. I hit really well but I putt worse. The day when it will fit together well, I will make a very big result. But I’m super happy, I’m less afraid of the bad shot and I accept it a lot more so, inevitably, I manage to play better at the moment.

“I’m not having a bad start to the season, I’m in the top 40 after the six tournaments in South Africa. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with myself and I went to get the little beast. In this sport, you find it very quickly and I got lost during the season. Golf is coming back, I worked for it and it’s starting to pay off.

“It’s definitely easier to be in that position. Two months ago, I didn’t feel very well… You’re afraid of losing the card and you wonder what you’re going to do. There, I am well positioned. If I play very good golf, maybe I can get on the Tour, so it’s great and again it’s much easier to play in these conditions than having to save your card. I feel good in my game, I feel like I still have some under my feet. In short, I want to support”.

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