David Cederholm, “only” four thousand balls

David Cederholm did not make it to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. He is not in fact the new holder of the record for the most golf balls hit in 24 hours. David has yet another goal, however, to help the family of his best friend, Peter Kerr. Doctors diagnosed this 35-year-old with gliobastoma. It is a tumor that today leaves very little hope. Thanks to the attempt to enter the Guinness World Record, the English manager has put together (and the collection goes on by clicking here) over six thousand pounds to donate to the Kerrs and the Lewis Moody Foundation.

David Cederholm, the record

The attempt was staged on Sunday afternoon at the National Golf Center’s driving range in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. Starting at 4 pm David started throwing balls as if there was no tomorrow. The weather conditions, as you can see from the video, didn’t help him. So after a few thousand balls thrown (!) His left shoulder no longer wanted to swing and around. Gradually the pain worsened and therefore the performance waned, ball by ball. To enter the Guinness Book it was in fact necessary to send the balls over one hundred yards. So a full swing was needed, a half shot or a flappa was not enough.

David, with one arm out of order, threw in the towel. At 5.13 in the morning he posted a note explaining the situation and his enormous displeasure with him. According to the schedule until his shoulder held the record was within walking distance. The definitive stop came after four thousand balls. Cederholm obviously said he was sorry for missing the Guinness but, as written above, satisfied with having helped Pete and those suffering from gliobastoma. For the record, the record of golf balls hit in 24 hours remains that of David Ogron who in 2002 shot 10,392 in Kansas City.

A new career as a mental coach, alongside some of the best golfers in the world to drag them to success and support them in times of difficulty. This is what Michael Phelps, the most decorated athlete in the history of the Olympics, seems to have undertaken (also in the name of friendship). A great golf enthusiast, many now define him as the “secret weapon” of green totems such as Jon Rahm, number one in the world ranking, and Jordan Spieth, the Texan who, after a long period of crisis, is back in 2021 to amaze.

“He’s a good guy, he’s been through a lot as a sportsman and he’s the greatest Olympian of all time with a lot of tricks up his sleeve. I’m not going to reveal what I asked him but I can say that he has helped me a lot in the last period. “. These are the revelations of the Spaniard Rahm. For the legendary swimmer, nicknamed ‘the Baltimore Shark’, important words also came from Spieth, today 12 / o in the world ranking. “The mental aspect is something I’ve worked on a lot with him lately. I’m really lucky to have him around. Besides, he’s a great lover of golf and having him now more and more in our world is an added value.” This is the opinion of Spieth who yesterday, alongside Phelps, played the Pro-Am of the BMW Championship, the second event of the Play-Offs of the Pga Tour starting today in Owing Mills (USA), Maryland.