Daria Kasatkina not closing doors on possibility of changing citizenship

Top-ranked Russian female player Daria Kasatkina is not closing the door on the possibility of changing her citizenship.

Kasatkina, 25, wasn’t allowed to compete at Wimbledon only because of her nationality. 

Since early March, Kasatkina and other Russian players have been recognized as “neutrals.”

“I think lots of talented children would get new citizenship with some help from their parents. Some questions are being spread between us because we have been restrained from Wimbledon and we don’t know what’s going to be next,” Kasatkina said, per Tennis365.

Kasatkina and other Russian players are feeling the consequences of their country’s actions in Ukraine and Kasatkina doesn’t seem to be too happy about it. 

“The World Championship was taken away from us, no one knows when we will get it back, maybe never. With the Olympics it is uncertain too. In short, we’re outsiders. I don’t know what’s next,” Kasatkina added. 

Kasatkina on if she would consider changing her citizenship

“We will see,” Kasatkina replied.

When it comes to the war, Kasatkina just wants it to end and she has offered empathy for the Ukrainians who are going through a really difficult time. 

“For the war to end. There hasn’t been a single day since February 24 (when Russia invaded Ukraine) that I haven’t read some news or haven’t thought of for the day to pass by,” Kasatkina said. “Really I have no connection with it (the war). I haven’t been affected, thank God, barely minimum, Wimbledon and all that. But people who have relatives in Ukraine, especially when you start talking about Russia. I can’t imagine what they are going through. It’s full-blown nightmare. Without a thought, I would do anything I can (to end it), but unfortunately (I can’t).”

Meanwhile, Kasatkina competed in Hamburg this week, where she suffered a first round defeat to Katerina Siniakova.