Daniil Medvedev: Sometimes I don’t behave very well but there is nothing fake with me

World No. 2 Daniil Medvedev admitted that he loves when the crowd is on his side but made it clear that he is always real and never faking anything. 

Medvedev received lots of boos during this past Davis Cup Finals as he poked the Spanish crowd. 

“Of course I prefer when the fans cheer me on than when they whistle at me. Yes, sometimes I don’t behave very well, but that’s me. People see that I don’t want to cheat on anyone. There is nothing fake with me,” Medvedev told Sport-express, as revealed on We Are Tennis.

Medvedev got the last laugh in Madrid

Medvedev clinched key points for Russia to knock out Spain in the group stage at the Davis Cup Finals. 

“It can get in the way sometimes. But this is also an additional motivation. You understand that if you lose in front of this crowd, which is completely against you, then, firstly, you have lost the match and you are upset, and secondly, you lost to the crowd because they did not support you or behaved correctly. Solid cons. You win the match and you have also annoyed the crowd. We beat the home team and that means they will not see them in the quarterfinals. I think it’s cool,” Medvedev said after knocking out Spain.

The Spanish crowd continued booing Medvedev in the rest of the tournament but the Russian kept on winning and ended up clinching his maiden Davis Cup title. 

“I’m really happy for the team to be in the final. Amazing two weeks so far for us. Beating Spain was the highlight, I think beating Spain in Madrid, for all of us in the locker room we so happy to beat the home favourites. It started in 2019 but I’m not going to be tired to say it. People still don’t understand how to make me lose, they should support me, so it’s ok guys, continue, and I’m going to just win,” Medvedev said after leading Russia to the final.