Daniil Medvedev: Novak Djokovic’s words helped me more than my psychologist’s advice

World No. 2 Daniil Medvedev reveals Novak Djokovic’s words helped him get over a disappointing Tokyo Olympics loss. 

Medvedev, 25, was aiming to win his maiden gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. 

Unfortunately for Medvedev, his hopes of winning it all in Tokyo ended following a shock loss to Pablo Carreno Busta in the Tokyo quarterfinal. 

“During the US Open I worked a lot with a psychologist. She’s trying to help me. But Djokovic’s words after his defeat at the Olympics helped me more than those of my psychologist, when he said that we could not go back in tennis, that all the defeats at the Olympics had made him stronger for the following tournaments. I dreamed of playing well in Tokyo, but it didn’t work out.. After the Games, I felt really bad for a week. I understood that there would be no chance for four years, especially since the next edition would be in Paris on clay. But when I read Novak’s words, I decided, like him, not to be upset and move on,” Medvedev said, per We Love Tennis. 

Medvedev comes to the defence of Djokovic 

Djokovic has refused to reveal his vaccination status, casting doubt over his Australian Open participation. 

“Look, I really liked what Novak said the other day. Tennis is an individual sport and I never want to reveal medical information because my rivals would have information about my possible weaknesses. In this case it should be the same. Vaccination is a decision personal and there is no reason to disclose information, I am not going to do it. Those who do not want to be vaccinated will claim to have some type of injury in order not to compete, without having to admit that they are unvaccinated.. As for me, I will only say that I want to play the tournament,” Medvedev said, per Punto de Break.