Collin Morikawa: “There is a lot to draw from”

Collin Morikawa is hoping to carry his links momentum into the final round of The 2021 Open Championship as he looks to make Major history at Royal St George’s Golf Club.

Collin Morikawa, statements

“There is a lot to draw from, especially this week. I don’t have much experience on links golf and pretty much all the highlights in my head are from this week. Thankfully there are quite a few.  Hopefully we can just use that momentum from the first three days and just bring it into the last 18. It’s going to be a gruelling 18 but I look forward to it. No matter what happens tomorrow, I know I produced good golf shots already this week and I’m capable of it. I just have to stick to that and believe in the process. Hopefully we can just put it together from hole one all the way through hole 18. It’s the position you want to be in. As an athlete, golfer, you want to be in this position. I love it, so I really look forward to tomorrow.”

First the announcement of Coni with the renunciation of the Tokyo Games, then the decision to try everything in order to participate for the first time in the Olympics to which he had already had to refuse in the past. Francesco Molinari does not want to give up the Olympic dream and remains in the running at least until tomorrow to be part of the blue golf team for Japan. He will try all possible physiotherapy treatments until the end, as confirmed by Federgolf which will dissolve the reserve only on Sunday.

The king of Italgolf, who had already suffered the cut from the Open Championship yesterday – as explained by the press release from Coni that had announced the resignation in Tokyo – reported an injury in recent competitive engagements. A back problem that if not solved would force the Turin golf champion to miss the Olympics again after he had already given up on Rio 2016 for other reasons (the Zika virus, which was frightening to many). The fact remains that, at the Royal St. George, the man who won the Open three years ago found himself substantially mocked.

To put Molinari in strong doubt, stopped by an injury, even the tight deadlines for recovery, given that the Olympic golf tournament will begin on July 29th. In Tokyo Italy will be represented by Guido Migliozzi, Giulia Molinaro and Lucrezia Colombotto Rosso. And as a Paratore if in the end Francesco Molinari will not make it for real.

In England, the 149th of The Open – expected two years after the cancellation for Covid in 2020 – is an edition to be forgotten for the blue golf that in Sandwich, Kent, sees exit the scene, with a total of 142 (+2 ) shots, both Francesco Molinari (68 74) and Guido Migliozzi (69 73). On the Royal St George’s GC course (par 70), both 78 / i, the Turin and Vicenza – who will represent Italgolf in the men’s individual competition at the Tokyo Games – did not pass the cut. A double insult, especially for how the two Azzurri’s match had begun, respectively in 19th and 32nd place after the first round. Chicco Molinari, who in 2018 triumphing at The Open made history as the first Italian to win a Major, after an initial birdie (five of the day) recorded a very heavy quadruple bogey (hole 6, par 3, closed in 7 strokes), a double bogey (at 9, par 4) and three bogeys. While Migliozzi (making his absolute debut at the Open Championship) paid dearly for a bogey (five today) at 17 (the penultimate of the day) and the birdie and eagle made at 11 and 14 only served to increase the regrets.